ERDA contributes to Gujarat’s lead position in wind capacity additions in 2019-20

Gujarat has emerged as a leader and role model for India’s electricity transition with the installation of 1,468 MW of capacity in 2019-20. The Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA), with its dedicated portfolio of services in the renewable sector, has contributed its part to the growth. In the last one year, the ERDA has executed power quality measurement for a 250 MW wind power plant at Bhuj, Gujarat. The ERDA is providing various services as a part of its renewable energy integration portfolio. It includes services such as power system studies, power quality measurement, mitigation solutions and integration studies, provided through Mi-Power, ETAP, EMTP-RV, etc. The ERDA is constantly working in the renewables space and will be coming up with a new range of services as per the requirement of industries as well as central and state utilities in the country.