CAQM directs 11 TPPs around Delhi to co-fire biomass pellets

The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) has directed all 11 thermal power plants (TPPs) within a 300 km radius of Delhi to co-fire biomass pellets with coal to address the issue of stubble burning.

The co-firing of biomass/torrefied pellets will ensure ex-situ management of paddy straw and thus lead to utilisation of millions of tonnes of biomass. Paddy straw burning in October and November is one of the major reasons behind high levels of air pollution in Delhi so this can lead to reduction in air pollution. It will also lead to the improvement of utilisation of paddy straw as an economic resource. NTPC has concluded on the basis of extensive trials that it is technically feasible to co-fire biomass pellets up to 5-10 per cent in TPPs without any modification in the boilers.