Jakson Group launches new BESS – EnerPack

Jakson Group has launched a new battery energy storage system (BESS) called the EnerPack to provide carbon-free clean power and uninterrupted power supply while significantly reducing costs.

It is equipped with a hybrid inverter, lithium-ion batteries, and intelligent energy management system. It can combine grid power, solar power, wind power, and even diesel genset (DG) power supply. It has a compact and modular design and is equipped with fast-charge and remote monitoring capabilities. Uninterrupted power supply by the BESS would ensure zero production losses without disruption in operations. The BESS commences from 5 kW range, can be customised and further scaled up to meet commercial, defence, healthcare, residential and other industrial applications. It provides power backup for over 500 hours and requires a maximum 2 hours of charging.