Coal imports decrease despite increased power demand

Imports of all grades of non-coking coal has decreased by 20.52 per cent to 117.51mtduring April to December 2021 from 147.85 mtduring the corresponding months of FY 2019-20.

The import of non-coking coal which is primarily used in power sector has decreased by 59.20 per cent to 21.41 mt duringApril to December 2021,from 52.49 mtduring the same period of 2019-20. The overall import of coal has also reduced to 160.84 mtin the period April to December 2021 as compared to 186.65 mtduring the corresponding period of 2019-20, recording a decrease of 13.82 per cent, which has resulted in significant savings of forex reservesespecially when the coal prices are at a high level in the international marketthis year.The financial year 2020-21 is not being taken for comparison purpose due to industrial production getting severely affected because of Covid–19 pandemic.