NTPC invites EoI to produce torrefied biomass pellets from Startups

NTPC Limited has invited expression of interest (EOI) to produce torrefied biomass pellets from Indian startups.

Through its research and development wing, NETRA, NTPC intends to provide a platform to Indian startups to enable them to develop advanced technology for producing torrefied biomass pellets that are well-suited for decentralised small-scale users. The last date of submission of the proposals for torrefied pellet manufacturing plant for agri-waste is May 19, 2022. Till now, the focus has been centred mainly on non-torrefied biomass pellets. However, for bulk utilisation of biomass, torrefied biomass pellet production needs to be given importance, as torrefied biomass pellet has more energy density, and its characteristics are closer to coal. Further, torrefied biomass pellets will reduce average transportation costs.  Currently, the technology for torrefied pellets is still in the nascent stage of development.The move by NTPC is expected to reinforce NTPC’s commitment towards developing the biomass ecosystem in the country and will provide a unique platform for the Indian startups to fulfill country’s vision of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat and also contribute towards the ambitious Make in India movement.


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