CERC directspower exchanges to cap bid prices across all segments till June 30

In a suo-motu order issued by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), the commission has directed the power exchanges to redesign their software in such a way that members can quote price in the range of Rs 0 per kWh to Rs 12 per kWh in day ahead market (DAM) (including green-DAM), real time market (RTM), intra-day, day ahead contingency and term-ahead market (TAM) (including green-TAM) contracts

The order will remain in force till June 30, 2022. The contracts which have already been transacted till the date of issuance of this order will be delivered and settled as per the earlier terms and conditions. The price ceiling for a limited period has been made applicable in view of the analysis of recent price trends in different segments of the power exchanges, and in order to balance the interests of investors in terms of reasonable return and safeguard the consumer interests.