GE unveils brand names for three planned future public companies

GE has announced the brand names of its future companies, wh­ich it will create through its planned separation into three in­dustry-leading, global, investment-grade public companies foc­used on the growth sectors of healthcare, energy and aviation. GE HealthCare will be the name of GE’s healthcare busi­ne­ss. GE’s existing energy portfolio of businesses, including re­new­able energy, power, digital and energy financial servic­es, will be brought together under the brand name GE Verno­va. GE Aero­space will be the name of GE’s aviation business. All three pla­n­ned companies will continue to benefit from GE’s heritage and global brand, valued at nearly $20 billion. Additionally, GE has announced that following the completion of the planned spin-off, shares of GE HealthCare will be listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker sy­m­bol “GEHC”. Through this lis­ting on Nasdaq, GE Health­Care will benefit from the ex­ch­ange’s profile and track record as a market for innovative, te­ch­nology-led public companies, particularly in the healthcare sector.