BORG Energy introduces new series of solar-powered energy generating systems in India

US-based alternative energy solutions provider BORG Energy India has introduced the Vega Series of solar-powered energy generating systems in India that are cost-effective and can  be widely used for both domestic and commercial projects. The Vega Series devices are specially designed solar on-grid string inverters that provide more options for photovoltaic (PV) power systems including small PV applications like residential roof projects, commercial projects and carports. A grid-connected PV system comprises one or several solar panels/inverters that can be adapted to generate power for different purposes – for domestic or commercial use. BORG Energy India has conducted extensive research and development to manufacture products that meet Indian requirements. The products offer high efficiency in all conditions with EU conversion efficiencies of 97.1-97.3 per cent. Prior to the commercial launch of the BORG Vega series, BORG Energy India had commissioned a project with the BORG Vega Series at the residential quarters of members of Parliament in New Delhi, through the Central Public Works Department.