Network Management

Digital Scope

Digital solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and internet of things (IoT) are gaining traction to manage the networks, restore outages more quickly and manage distributed energy generating sources in the most […]


New Lease of Life

The renovation and modernisation (R&M) and life extension (LE) of a TPP is a cost-effective way of generating additional power from the existing units at a lower cost and in less time. The R&M of […]


Ensuring Compliance

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change notified the new emission norms for air and water consumption in December 2015. For thermal power plants (TPPs), these norms imply significant investments in em­ission reduction technologies […]

Network Management

Smart Systems

Technological advancements and innovations are transforming the way in which the electricity network and discom grids are managed. This is being driven mainly by the rapid expansion of decentralised generation and acceleration in the adoption […]

Digitalisation of Power Plants

Digital Makeover: Benefits of automating manual processes in HEPs

The digitalisation of hydroelectric pl­a­nts (HEPs) is paving the way for su­bstantial improvements in hy­dro­po­wer generation. Digital technologies in­crease plant utilisation while reducing op­­­­erations and maintenance (O&M) expenses. Digitalisation also im­proves power plant monitoring, fault prediction […]