Pankaj Jha: General Sales Manager (India), Perkins

General Sales Manager (India), Perkins

Infrastructure investments by the government are a catalyst for power sector growth,” says Pankaj Jha, general sales manager (India) at Perkins, a diesel engine manufacturer. Having worked in the engines industry for over 11 years, Jha believes that the Indian economy is on a high-growth trajectory, which represents good growth opportunities for prime mover solutions such as diesel engines in the power sector.

Jha has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology; an M.Sc. from Florida State University, USA, and an MBA from Cornell University, USA. He started his career in the engineering domain.

Jha joined Perkins in 2012 and was appointed as general sales manager (India) in 2015. In his current role, he is leading all sales-related activities in India and working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), industrial OEMs and distribution partners to deliver the India strategy and business growth plan. He believes that his cross-functional experience in marketing, business development, brand management, strategy, supply chain and distribution helps him deliver on his key priorities. He has also grown the company’s India sales team and secured significant business wins for Perkins’ electric power business.

Speaking about Perkins’ growth plans, Jha says the company sees India as an important element of its future growth strategy and is actively looking for opportunities to expand. Perkins, which already has a presence in over 180 countries, has recently made an investment of $150 million in a manufacturing facility at Aurangabad. “We are keen to serve our customers with products that are manufactured locally,” he says.

Jha believes in a participative and collaborative style of management. His main focus is on recruiting the best talent for his team in sync with the company’s strategies and goals, and on getting the best results through accountability. He fosters an open culture within his team and appreciates diverse views and positions.

With aggressive business goals, Jha tries to plan his work to the extent possible. This helps him pursue his hobbies and spend time with his family. Even while travelling, which is quite extensive at times, he tries to take some time off to identify a good read, hit the gym, etc. He likes travelling and exploring diverse cultures across the world, and hopes to write a memoir sometime in the future.