GIPCL seeks buyers for power from its Vadodara plants

Vadodara-based Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited (GIPCL) is looking for potential licensed discoms for the sale of surplus power, at a competitive unit cost, from two of its gas-based plants, the 145 MW Vadodara Stage I project and the 165 MW Vadodara Stage II project. The power purchase agreement for the Stage II project expired on July 31, 2016 and the plant has been kept under preservation. The Stage II project has been in operation for only 1,101,000 hours (approximately 13 years till date) vis-à-vis the normal and useful life cycle of 25 years of gas-based combined cycle power plants. The Stage I project is currently operational with surplus power ranging from 20 MW to 40 MW. The Stage I project is also facilitated by an islanding scheme to take care of emergency situations. GIPCL has a gas supply agreement for administered pricing mechanism gas with GAIL, which is valid up to July 2021 for the projects. Both projects have the inherent capability to rapidly ramp up and ramp down generation to balance grid requirements due to unpredictable variations in wind generation and sunny day generation from solar energy. A dedicated team of operations and maintenance staff associated with GIPCL has been operating the project for more than 20 years.


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