Pankaj Chopra

MD, Arvos Energy India Pvt Ltd

Future technologies would need to address the triple constraints of energy efficiency, reduced emissions and cost effectiveness at the same time,” says Pankaj Chopra, Managing Director, Arvos Energy India Private Limited (AEIPL).

He speaks from his over 25 years of experience in the power sector. He has in the past worked with organisations such as ABB and Alstom. At present, he is leading AEIPL, which is represented through its two divisions – LJUNGSTRÖM and RAYMOND BARTLETT SNOW. While the former serves the thermal power plant market with two key applications, air preheaters and gas-gas heaters, the latter provides services related to size reduction, classification and thermal processing equipment.

Chopra is a qualified cost and management accountant. He also has a postgraduate diploma in management (international business).

He exudes optimism on the impact of ongoing government reforms and the future of thermal power. “The impetus on infrastructure growth following the numerous initiatives launched by the government would necessitate reliable quality power, and thermal power would significantly contribute in this regard,” he observes. He believes that digitisation will play a vital role in further strengthening these initiatives.

Chopra has had several unforgettable experiences during the course of his career, but what stands out for him in particular is a three-year-long assignment in Germany with Alstom. “Leading an international team from Europe to successfully deliver projects across Europe, the US and Africa was both challenging and satisfying,” he says.

In terms of management style, he follows a collaborative approach, focusing on employee empowerment. “The emphasis is on ensuring that accountabilities are clearly understood and employees are simultaneously empowered to take decisions and deliver the results that they are accountable for,” he remarks. Sahaja Yoga meditation is a part of Chopra’s de-stress routine, which also helps him to tide over rough times. He believes in self-actualisation and likes to conduct workshops on stress management and personality development free of cost. To unwind, Chopra loves listening to Indian classical music which, he feels, is one of the best ways of rejuvenating oneself. He highly recommends the Marathi movie Katyar Kaljat Ghusli, which has beautiful compositions and also an important message on how to deal with one’s ego.


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