Sachin Nijhawan

Business Head, Mahindra Powerol

Sachin Nijhawan, business head, Mahindra Powerol, a business unit of the Mahindra Group and a key player in the diesel generator market, sees significant growth in the segment over the next five years. According to Nijhawan, “While momentum in the infrastructure and manufacturing segments, which is expected to continue for two to three years, would push HkVA sales, investments in health care would push MkVA sales.” Improvements in telecom network connectivity, including development of more cell sites and network fiberisation, and urban waste management initiatives like SATAT are expected to be other important growth drivers.

Prior to Powerol, Nijhawan worked with Mahindra in key areas like international marketing in China, sales in the farm division, retail sales and service for Powergen. He was also business head for construction equipment. Nijhawan was instrumental in promoting Powerol through mass and social media, despite having a presence in the B2B segment, which has helped the company become one of the leading players in the power generation industry in India. Powerol also has a strong global presence in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. “I want the Powerol brand to become a leader in the power backup industry for the entire range of products,” says Nijhawan.

He is well admired by his peers and colleagues for his simple management style and open-mindedness. “Mahindra as an organisation is a strong believer of the ‘customer first’ philosophy and I strongly believe in that. Our team is devoted to Customer Connect, understanding customers and providing them with prompt and efficient solutions 24×7.”

He believes that the key challenge for manufacturers and technology providers is to understand the needs of customers. Nijhawan’s most memorable assignment has been the one for which he received the Deming Award, which is considered to be the highest accolade for total quality management in business.

Nijhawan spends his leisure time in fitness training or running. He has successfully completed many national-and international-level marathons and ultra marathons including the Comrades Ultra Marathon in Durban, South Africa.

Nijhawan is a mechanical engineer. He has also completed a fellowship programme for leadership in management from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.


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