Fortum India launches battery swapping for light EVs

Fortum India has launched battery swapping for light electric vehicles (EVs) in India. The project comprises 90 NMC batteries of 1.5 kWh, one swapping station with 20 batteries and 30 Zbees, which have been modified for swapping. The goal of the project is to evaluate a complete battery swapping system, including vehicles without batteries, batteries and charging stations, both technically, economically and in terms of user friendliness. A live demo was held onsite to show how the system will work by taking out the battery from the Zbee, putting it back in the swapping station, taking out a battery from the station and putting it in the Zbee and driving the vehicle. The primary target market for the initiative is major taxi companies and other organisations with large vehicle fleets in need of high uptime in their operations.