MNRE asks states to adhere to ‘must run’ status of RE plants

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has asked the states to ensure that the “must-run” status of renewable energy plants is honoured. If supply from renewable energy units is curtailed, the reason must be given in writing to generating companies. Further, if any state load despatch centre curtails wind or solar power for reasons other than grid safety, it would be liable for losses incurred by the solar or wind power generator. In a separate development, the MNRE has amended the bidding guidelines for wind power projects. Accordingly, the timeline for land acquisition for wind power projects has been extended from seven months to 18 months. The window for revision of the declared capacity utilisation factor (CUF) of wind power projects has been increased from one year to three years. The penalty on the shortfall in energy corresponding to the minimum CUF has been fixed at 50 per cent of the power purchase agreement (PPA) tariff. Lastly, in the case of early part commissioning, the procurer is required to pay the full tariff for the energy supplied.


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