Kenya based KETRACO operationalises 400 kV Loiyangalani-Suswa transmission line

State-owned Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited has operationalised the 400 kV Loiyangalani-Suswa transmission line, which was completed in September 2018. The line will evacuate power from the 310 MW Lake Turkana wind power plant, and is one of the longest 400 kV lines built in Africa. Of the KES 28 billion project cost, 75 per cent was provided by the Kenyan government and the remaining by the Spanish government. It is a part of Kenya’s Vision 2030 flagship projects, which aim to transform the country into a newly industrialised, middle-income country, providing a high quality of life in a clean and secure environment. The transmission lines will also carry the internet fibre, that is, optical ground wire, required for data and communication purposes.