Maharashtra power regulator reviews consumer billing complaints with discoms

In view of the complaints raised by consumers over surge in bills, the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission has held a review meeting with the state’s discoms. The commission has noted that the increase in bills have been mainly due to changes made for units used during the lockdown that could not be billed at the time.

Maharashtra has four power distribution companies (discoms), the state-run Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company and BEST undertaking, and the private sector companies Adani Electricity and Tata Power Company. The discoms also previously explained that, in accordance with the instructions of the regulator, customers were billed in April and May for the average bill amount from February and March as the actual meter readings could not be taken due to the lockdown. After the easing of the lockdown, the discoms have started meter reading activity based on actual readings and the adjustments reflect in June bills.


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