Triveni REFURB offering efficiency enhancement of existing steam turbines

Triveni REFURB is a division of Triveni Turbine Limited that focusses on turbines of any make, any age across the world. With rising costs, operating turbines efficiently is a necessity for cost saving and creating a positive carbon footprint.

With either changes in requirement of the process or age, the turbines become inefficient and impact costs. The Triveni refurb team works with the customer to understand the current needs and re-design the turbine to meet the new parameters ensuring the turbine is efficient leading to cost saving.


Benefits of Efficiency improvement

·      Upto 15% improvement in efficiency
·      ROI under 2 years
·      Upgraded Steam flow path design
·      Retain the civil foundation
·      Existing Turbine housing
·      Life extension by over 100,000 hours
·      Increase in span between 2 overhauls
·      Reducedcarbon emissions

The REFURB vertical has been moving up the value chain ladder rapidly now supporting not only steam turbines but also Compressors, Gas Turbines, Generators, Electrical and Instrumentation packages. This has ensured that Triveni is now a one stop shop for all rotating equipment needs.

Our engineers are well versed with the different configurations of the machines and while at site can also do health checks to advice on the codition of the rotating machines.

Triveni REFURB is today a multi brand repair arm of Triveni Turbines offering various benefits of Efficiency enhancement services on Steam Turbines.

·      Triveni Turbine Limited is one of the few companies in this region having 2 facilities for high speed balancing, operating with 4 pedestals, catering to a large range of applications across industry
·      Handling weights of rotor from 100 kgs to 55 Tonsand upto 9 mtr long rotors



Triveni REFURB has built a portfolio by supporting customers across industry verticals with offerings ranging from spare parts to value engineering to efficiency enhancement programs.

Expanding the portfolio and foot print, to almost all OEM’s turbines across the globe and supporting customers at short notice.

The whole Turbine or Compressor is reverse engineered either at site or at the manufacturing facility using 3D white light scanners for scanning components, developing designs for the same and generating working models with a 3D printer before going into mass production.


Triveni REFURB  services specializes in the below areas:

·         Efficiency enhancement
·         Renovation & Modernization
·         Re-engineering/Reverse Engineering
·         Health survey and Condition assessment
·         Residual Life Assessment
·         Overhauling
·         O&M  and LTSA
·         Triveni Touch: Remote Monitoring


Triveni REFURB’s expertise lies on being one of the largest manufacturer of industrial steam turbines in >5 to 30 MW range globally. The Company designs and manufactures steam turbines up to 100 MW. With more than 1 billion operating hours of the turbine fleet, Triveni has delivered reliable, robust and efficient solutions making it one of the world’s most reputable and dependable Turbine OEM.

A brief snapshot:

TriveniTurbines manufactures steam turbines at its world-class manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru, India and assists its customers with their after market requirement through its global servicing network.


Case Study:

A major steel Industry segment customer was operating their 8MW European OEM Turbine for more than 15 years. Due to changes in power requirement they were operating the turbine inefficiently. We reviewed the turbine and confirmed to customer we would modify the parameters as per current requirement and also ensure availability of 1 MW of extra power.

Triveni REFURB provided a solution to route the additional steam to the existing Turbine with upgraded steam flow path design.

By only modifying the Turbine internals (Rotor with high efficient blades, Diaphragms, Bearings and Gear Internals) with the new design the customer could achieve a power enhancement of 9 MW with lower Specific Steam Consumption than the normal running condition.

The overall project cost was significantly lower as there was no modification to the civil foundation and also the Turbine housing was retained. The turbine was commissioned and handed over. With a 1 MW power addition and process stabilization, the pay back is under a year.





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