TP Renewable Microgrid marks its first anniversary by commissioning its 100th solar microgrid project in Uttar Pradesh

TP Renewable Microgrid (TPRMG) has commissioned its 100th solar microgrid project in a remote and small village of Ratnapur, Uttar Pradesh, coinciding with its first anniversary.

The 30 kW microgrid project harnesses energy from the sun using solar panels. The microgrid has a battery as an energy storage system. For the back-up power supply, a DG-set has been installed in the microgrid itself, enabling 24×7 power supply to the community. With the commissioning of the Ratnapur project, the total installed capacity of TPRMG’s solar microgrid projects stands at 3 MW. The company took 10 months to commission its first 100th microgrid in spite of Covid-19 restrictions however, it is now focusing to commission its next 100th microgrid in less than 4 months’ time.



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