Automatic generation control pilot goes live at Karnataka’s Hydro Plant

Under the Greening the Grid-Renewable Integration and Sustainable Energy’s (GTG-RISE) initiative, the automatic generation control (AGC) pilot in a state-owned hydro plant of Karnataka has gone live…

At a virtual event held on December 8, a test run demonstration of the AGC pilot at the Sharavathi hydro plant in Karnataka was conducted. The team of system integrators and SLDC led the test run, demonstrating the Sharavathi generators smoothly increasing or decreasing generation in response to AGC signal commands by SLDC. This is one of GTG-RISE’s several innovative pilots aimed at supporting the adoption of AGC for hydro and solar power plants in southern India. AGC will enable grid operators to easily adjust the power output of generators in response to changes in load. India’s Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has outlined a roadmap for AGC adoption in the country to enable secondary control of ancillary services to balance the supply and demand for energy in real-time.


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