Unit 2 of Kudankulam project shut for refuelling and annual maintenance

Unit-2 of 1000 MW capacity of the Kudankulam nuclear power project (KKNPP) has been shut from January 20, 2021 for carrying out the annual maintenance and refueling. …

The 1,000 MW water-cooled water-moderated reactor belongs to the pressurised water reactor category that uses uranium oxide fuel to generate electricity. It is mandatory to carryout the spent fuel replacement and other maintenance work every 7,000 hours or in 300 days. The usual time taken for the maintenance is 90 days. In 2020, unit-2 was shut for only 84 days and connected back to the grid on March 14. Since then, the unit has supplied 6,709 MUs of electricity before being shut for the third refuelling outage, this year. Since inception, the two functioning units of KKNPP (Unit-1 and Unit-2) have produced 52,590 MUs of electricity. Unit-1 is running at its full capacity.


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