China Huadian Corporation to shut 3 GW of coal-basedpower capacity by 2025

China Huadian Corporation plans to close over 3 GW of coal-fired power capacity in the next five years and increase renewables to make up half of its total power generation mix.

Huadian, China’s third largest power generator by capacity, aims to add 75 GW renewable power capacity over the 2021-2025 period and to bring its carbon emissions to a peak by 2025. Huadian is also drafting the detailed action plan for the carbon emission peak and target to raise non-fossil fuel to 50 per cent of total power generation capacity by 2025, and non-coal power to 60 per cent. Further, in the next five years, the company will develop and scale up renewables projects, including hydropower plants, and look for overseas greenfield projects and acquisitions.


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