Power consumption increases by 19 per cent in the first half of May

During the first fortnight of May this year (from May 1 to 14), the daily peak power demand met touched the highest level of 168.78 GW (on May 6, 2021).

It is a growth of 15 per cent over 146.54 GW recorded in the same period last year, (on May 13, 2020).The power consumption in India increased by around 19 per cent in the first half of May 2021 to 51.67 BUs as against 43.55 BUs in May 2020. This can be attributed to recovery in industrial and commercial demand of electricity.  According to industry analysts, the increase in consumption is due to a lower base as well as to the pent up demand being executed now. However, the second wave of lockdowns is likely to impact economic activity, and in turn, energy demand in the near future.