Santosh Singh: Director, Energy, Climate Change and Agriculture, Intellecap

Director, Energy, Climate Change and Agriculture, Intellecap

Santosh Singh brings over 16 years of experience in research, policy advisory and consultancy in sectors such as energy access, climate change, agriculture, rural development and sustainability in India and West Africa. After completing his postgraduation from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Singh had a brief stint in West Africa, setting up a commodity trading business for one of the global leaders in this space. On his return to India, his main focus was on understanding market-based solutions for energy poverty and climate change.

Singh is currently director, energy, climate change and agriculture, Intellecap, providing strategic inputs to critical projects, undertaking client relationship management and overseeing business development. In the past, he has worked with the World Bank, GIZ, Tata Trusts, the Dharma Life Foundation, and IFMR Lead.

Singh says that Intellecap is committed to making the MSME sector more resilient and environment friendly by helping it adopt distributed renewable energy solutions. It is working to set up mechanisms to help MSMEs leverage affordable capital, including climate finance, which is a distant dream for MSMEs. Intellecap is committed to changing this.

There are several assignments that Singh is proud of, but he is biased towards those that were instrumental in shaping the sector. Early in his career, he worked on highlighting opportunities for entrepreneurs in providing clean energy access to low-income households. His work helped entrepreneurs get access to commercial capital and showed that addressing energy poverty is a big business opportunity. In the past 10 years, solar water pumps, access to clean cooking and distributed renewables for MSMEs have been key focus areas for Singh.

Singh believes in hiring passionate people, building their capacity and letting them drive mandates. Since his company works on some complex development challenges that require awareness about latest developments in technology, policies and innovation in financing, he puts a lot of emphasis on knowledge leadership.

In his spare time, Singh loves to read a wide range of books. He typically picks a theme for the year and reads several books related to it. He has recently finished The Tyranny of Merit and believes it is one of the most remarkable books published in this decade. He also loves photography and spends considerable time fine-tuning his skills so that he can take the best pictures of his young daughter.