ABB expands RE-powered manufacturing capacity for LV motors at its Faridabad facility

Expanding its current capacity for manufacturing of low voltage (LV) motors, ABB has added a new manufacturing line at its Faridabad plant. The expansion will increase plant capacity by more than 20 per cent and will further strengthen ABB’s presence in the region and in global markets. The new line will not only meet the growing demands of the domestic market, but also help boost exports to other significant markets such as the Middle East and Africa. The new line will develop energy efficient motors up to 55 kW for customers operating in different industrial segments such as water and wastewater, cement, metals and mining, HVAC, textiles, rubber, and others. ABB’s LV motors are compactly designed to minimise space and total cost of ownership. Offering greater flexibility for meeting specific customer requirements, ABB’s LV motors help in operating critical processes with minimum downtime. As roughly 75 per cent of industrial motors are used to run pumps, fans and compressors, the usage of energy efficient motors plays a vital role in reducing energy consumption. ABB is manufacturing Super Premium efficiency motors in India that meet the IE4 standard, which specifies about 15 per cent lower energy losses than those delivered by IE3 motors. These motors are robust, customisable, reliable and suitable for use in numerous industries and applications, as well as in some of the most demanding conditions.