Government plans to set up 14 GWh battery storage system in Kutch

The central government has planned to set up a grid-scale battery storage system of around 14 GWh capacity at the renewable energy (RE) park at Khavda, Kutch in Gujarat.

The KhavdaRE park in Kutch is planned to be the world’s largest RE park and will generate 30GW of RE. It is spread over 72,600 hectares and the project will need an investment of Rs 1.5 trillion. This project will make India’s grid-scale programme the largest in the world. Large battery storages will help keep the power grids stable as electricity is produced intermittently from RE sources. The government also plans to call bids for setting up around 4GWh of the grid-scale battery storage system at the regional load dispatch centres. In addition, state-run NTPC Ltd has floated a global tender for setting up a 1GWh grid-scale battery storage system.


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