“We believe in gathering experience and actually addressing the challenges that are faced in any industry sector.”

Interview with P.L. Muthusekkar, Managing Director, NORD Drivesystems Private Limited

What are Nord Drives’ key offerings and solutions for the Indian power market?

With extensive knowledge of applications and technical demand for the sector, we can offer a full featured drive from a single source consisting of gear units, motors, brakes and frequency inverters. With wide range of products with high quality we can offer solutions for various applications like storage, conveying, weighing and metering, loading and unloading etc. Our product range spans from 0.12kW to 1 MW capacity offering a reliable and energy efficient drive system to our customers. We focus on total solution and work on process efficiency.

What are the new and emerging technologies in the bulk material handling systems for power plants?

We believe in gathering experience and actually addressing the challenges that are faced in any industry sector. Our R&D is continuously working towards proving solutions to typical applications in this industry. On these lines, we have come up with separate range of IGUs with MAXXDRIVE XT. These are reliable drive units with maximum thermal and mechanical load capacities with greatly increased bearing life are necessary in material handling technology for transporting bulk materials. To achieve the maximum thermal load capacity, the perfect contour of the gear unit housing was developed with the aid of CFD analysis and the air flow of the integrated axial fan was optimised to achieve a highly efficient cooling effect. This avoids any external cooling required. The range starts from 15,000Nm and goes up to 75,000 Nm covering a wide range of applications for bulk material handling. NORD is also developing products in line with Industry 4.0 to increase reliability and help in planned maintenance of the complete drive system including gear unit, motor, and frequency inverter. Our Industry 4.0 ready products helps to automate and digitalise the material handling also in predictive maintenance.

What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your operations?

All industries have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, with varying degrees of severity. Some have stronger defenses, while others will struggle to return to a constantly shifting “normal.” Consumer demand patterns are shifting, global supply chains are disrupted and remain under pressure, and different regions, markets and governments are responding uniquely to the COVID-19 crisis. Companies must continuously adapt to new and uncertain market conditions and be prepared for uncertainties.

We are focused more on communication, trainings, use of online tools, digital marketing, and conducting surveys. Of one all care of our employees, customers, supply chain and kept the industry moving particularly essential support to pharma, diary, food and beverage, vaccine producers etc.

Travel restrictions and restricted customer visits are the biggest challenges we face being an engineering industry. But thanks to the digital era that our sales team could have daily conversation with our customers via VCs.

What are the company’s growth plans?

Growth for all is our mission – which answers the question. This might look simple but the sentence means a lot for us.


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