Words of Acknowledgement: Recognising Power Line

Recognising Power Line

Sushilkumar Shinde, Then Power Minister, September 2006

Power Line has been contributing to the electricity sector by bringing out thought-provoking essays and articles. It is vital for a practising power sector professional to be informed about the various discussions, debates and issues in the sector. Sharing of experience and disseminating the knowledge so acquired require a platform. I understand that Power Line has been doing this pioneering work for the electricity sector. I congratulate the Power Line family for rendering yeoman service to the power sector in general and to electricity in particular. I wish it greater success in the future and am confident that it will continue to inform everyone in the power sector on the developments and innovations.



Piyush Goyal, Then Minister for Power, New and Renewable Energy, and Coal, October 2016

It has been a long journey [20 years of Power Line] and I’m sure it must not be easy. It has not been an easy sector, it has been a sector full of challenges over the last few decades and within that situation to start from a small one-room office and build up Power Line to an organisation that I think almost all of us look up to! This magazine brings to our homes and offices a powerhouse of information. The fact that Power Line has focused on the infrastructure sector, particularly power, has helped it to evolve into a very incisive encyclopaedia of knowledge on the sector and the advantage of such a magazine is that we get a very impartial and an independent view, particularly when we are making policies. I have not seen any other magazine come up with comparable quality of information.



Suresh Prabhu, Former Union Power Minister, September 2018

For a long time, Mr Alok Brara and his team have been doing very important work in bringing out very important, focused, subject-wise publications. This has made a very significant contribution by providing reliable data and reliable information, and facilitating very useful interactions within the community dealing with these subjects. I must congratulate him for doing this. When I was power minister, almost 18 years ago, I asked one of the persons related to an organisation under the Ministry of Power about how much captive power capacity is there in India. He said 3,000-4,000 MW and I exclaimed, 3,000-4,000 MW! He was perplexed (not knowing if he had quoted too low or too high a figure), and then I asked him to go and read Power Line magazine as it had published those figures just a day back. This is the kind of useful contribution this magazine has done.



Suresh Prabhu, Former Union Power Minister, October 2021

I would like to put on record the contribution of Power Line to the journey of power sector reforms. Reform is a process that has a technical/technological component. To make reforms work, we need to introduce new technologies and new ideas. These deliberations are necessary for the success of reforms. Most importantly, any reform needs to succeed in creating an environment in which people will appreciate and welcome reforms. It is particularly important in the power sector because it is a very complex industry and has, therefore, a complex process. Many times, the benefits accrue at a much later stage and hence, the beginning of the process is very painful. I used to say that pain is front-ended, gain is back-ended. In that context, Power Line magazine played a pivotal role in shaping public opinion by explaining to people the complexities of the sector itself, and the necessity for reforms. So I must on record express my appreciation for Power Line in this whole journey of power sector reforms.