Ben Fraser

Chief Financial Officer, Hero Future Energies

A chartered accountant by training, Ben Fraser is currently chief financial officer at Hero Future Energies (HFE), his first professional stint with a team based in India. During his career spanning over two decades, he has worked in the areas of financial discipline and corporate governance across diverse industries, including financial markets, energy, natural re­sources, construction, ma­nu­­facturing, e-co­mmerce and professional services. He has worked in various international markets, including Eastern Europe and the Far East.

At HFE, a notable development in 2020 was the creation of a road map for di­gital transformation, Fraser notes. “Wi­th everyone working from home, we have transitioned to a more automated way of working. Going forward, we must stay fl­e­xible and constantly revisit the need to adapt to newer technologies,” he says. Me­anwhile, HFE is ex­plo­ring global markets. In fact, Fraser’s most in­t­eresting assignment has be­e­n the implementation of HFE’s first ground-mounted solar project in Eastern Euro­pe.

According to Fraser, while renewable energy is expected to take massive strides, a few in­vestors have rightly raised concerns regarding delay­ed payments by utilities for power purchases and the viability of projects won recently through aggressive bidding. “To ensure realisation of the full potential of renewables and ma­ke this sector sustainable, industry le­a­ders and the government need to take in­cremental steps on the regulatory and technology fronts,” says Fraser. He belie­ves that faster implementation of reforms will improve cash flows in the sector. “The sector has recently witnessed the en­try of several new players, with access to cheap funds. Industry leaders need to explore the global bond markets and continue to focus on returns and costs, as well as adapt faster to new technologies to stay competitive in this dynamic market.”

Fraser’s professional aim is to maintain business profitability, create value for sha­reholders and develop strategies for gro­w­th in countries where HFE is planning to ex­pa­nd. He follows a collaborative ap­p­roach to management, com­­bining stra­te­gic and tactical subject exper­tise. “At HFE, ins­tead of relying on a single in­put resource, we in­­volve creative resour­­ces ac­­ross multiple functions, teams and coun­tries, th­us creating a meaningful difference in output,” he notes.

For Fraser, working from ho­­me has clearly been a bon­us. It has allowed him to spend more quality time with his family, which he is enjoying thoroughly.




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