MoP to decide on way to develop Rs 270 billion transmission system

The national committee on transmission (NCT) has asked the Ministry of Power (MoP) to take a final call on whether to follow the regulated tariff mechanism (RTM) or to choose the tariff based competitive bidding (TBCB) route for making a clear recommendation on how the transmission system for the planned renewable energy (RE) projects in Ladakh should be awarded for development.

The estimated cost of the transmission system is Rs 269.67 billion which can evacuate power from 9,000 MW of solar and 4,000 MW of wind plants, along with 12 GWh battery energy storage system (BESS) capacities at the planned RE parks in the area. The NCT has stated that while TBCB may lead to discovery of a competitive price, the final decision should also take into account that the project involves substantial amount of grant from the Government of India and requires infrastructure work in Ladakh, which is considered strategically a sensitive area.


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