DoE to auction 2,000 MW of renewable energy capacity in the Philippines

The Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a notice of auction, under the Green Energy Auction Program (GEAP), for 2,000 MW of renewable energy (RE) capacity across the Philippines’ three main power networks.

Under the first round of the GEAP auction for RE, 1,400 MW will be allocated to the Luzon Grid, 400 MW to the Visayas Grid, and the remaining 200 MW to the Mindanao Grid.The DOE is seeking power suppliers to provide 900 MW of solar energy, 80MW hydropower, 360 MW of wind energy, and 60 MW biomass for the Luzon Grid. Additionally, the agency is seeking suppliers to provide 260 MW solar power, 20 MW wind power and 120 MW biomass for the Visayas Grid along with 100 MW of solar power and 50 MW each for hydropower and biomass for the Mindanao Grid. RE facility will be eligible for the auction only if it was constructed and operated in compliance with the Republic Act 9513.  Additionally, there must be no power purchase agreements (PPA) in place with any distribution utilities (DUs) that contradict with the agreed-upon delivery dates.