Nitin Sabikhi:  Head, Markets, ReNew Power

 Head, Markets, ReNew Power

Nitin Sabikhi is a professional with over 16 years of experience in marketing, business development, strategy, energy po­licy, and the renewables and electricity markets. Currently, he is head, markets, ReNew Power. He was also a founding me­mber of the Indian Electricity Exchan­ge. Prior to this, he worked with Tata Po­wer and CRM Services.

Sabikhi believes the most exciting part of his current role is the opportunity to leverage ReNew’s high intellectual capital. “In my short stint, I have been able to experience learning through not only opportunities presented to me but also through this company’s ability to pre­sent new ideas, and its ability to execute them. It’s always satisfying to contribute to a growing organisation to stay ahead of the curve. It is also a great motivation for me to be part of a company that is making a difference by building a green future responsibly,” he says.

The task for renewable energy developers, he says, has been cut out ever since the prime minister raised the bar for clean energy at Glas­gow. “We find ourselves at the cusp of history being wri­t­ten, wherein India can as­su­me global leadership in clean energy. As a renewable energy de­ve­lo­per, the strategic priority should be execution. The second priority should be securing finance for projects. Finan­cing is important because as the sector evol­ves, we are likely to see more complex constructs such as peak power and RTC gain traction over plain vanilla bids. These projects will require significant in­­vestments and, therefore, serious players should be prepared with adeq­ua­te financing to capture the opportunities. Third and perhaps the most important, is investment in technology and re­search,” he says.

In terms of management style, Sabikhi emphasises the need to “anticipate and navigate”. He says, “It is important for a leader to re­cognise new patterns, push through ambiguity and seek new heights. My philosophy has been that if you work with commitment, dedication and will­in­­gness to try new things, you either win or learn, but never lose. I love to qu­e­stion the status quo and encourage my team to do the same.”

Sabikhi is an IT graduate with a PGDBM (marketing) from Symbiosis, Pu­ne, and an MBA (power management) from UPES, Dehradun. In his spare time, he likes to socialise and break the routi­ne. Realising the importance of physical well-being, especially during the pande­mic, he goes cycling and running.