MoP releases notification for supply of ash to prospective user agencies to increase ash utilisation

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has released an advisory for supply of ash by thermal power plants (TPPs) to prospective user agencies so as to increase ash utilisation.

In order to maintain transparency, restrict malpractices and reduce burden on consumers, it is necessary to streamline the procedure for disposal of ash from TPPs. The advisory provides that TPPs shall sell/transport flyash to user through a transparent competitive bidding process only. If however, after bidding, some quantities of ash still remains unutilised, then it could be considered to be given free of cost on first come first serve basis, if the user agency is willing to bear the transportation cost. If ash still remains unutilised, the TPP shall bear the transportation cost to provide the ash for free to eligible projects and mine owners. If ash is still unutilised, TPPs shall serve notice on the construction agencies and mine owners located within 300 km from TPPs to use ash mandatorily in their projects. The ash shall be offered to prospective user agencies on competing demand basis to reduce tariff of electricity and burden on consumers.Further, the advisory clarifies that the guidelines will apply prospectively.