EVNNPT and CPMB to construct 220 kV line inVietnam

Electricity of Vietnam’s National PowerTransmission Corporation (EVNNPT) and the Central Power ProjectsManagement Board (CPMB) have been appointed to construct the Huoi Quang–Nghia Lo 220 kV transmission line, 220 kV Nghia Lo substation, and the 220 kV transmission line which will run from Nghia Lo to the 500 kV Viet Tri substation in the Northwest Region.

EVNNPT will invest in the project, which will be managed by CPMB, designed by the Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1 (PECC 1), and then handed over to the Power Transmission Company 1 for operation. The scope of work entails construction of the 220 kV Nghia Lo transformer substation in Nghia Lo commune/town/province with a capacity of 250 MVA and a reserve position for the second transformer of 250 MVA; a 92.62- km-long, 220 kV line from the 220 kV Nghia Lo to 500 kV Viet Tri substation with 244 poles and the 103.6-km-long, 220 kV Huoi Quang– Nghia Lo transmission line. These will help in releasing the capacity of small hydropower plants in the Northwest to Hanoi areas, and reduce load on the 110 kV Nghia Lo–Bao Hung–Yen Bai and Nghia Lo–Ba Khe–Cam Khe transmission lines.The projects are expected to complete by June 2023.