ABB inaugurates ABB’s Innovation Center (AIC) in India

ABB has inaugurated a new and expanded research and development (R&D) and engineering facility, the ABB Innovation Centre (AIC) in Bengaluru, India.

This state-of-the-art facility is one of ABB’s largest globally and serves as the backbone for technology developments to accelerate innovation. It houses 2,500 diverse technologists including engineers, principal and data scientists, architects, domain and analytics specialists, programmers, and developers.This facility is in line with ABB’s sustainability commitment to enable a low-carbon emission society. More than 25,000 ABB products including 3,000 internet of things (IoT)-enabled products used in the building management system (BMS) offer savings of around 20 per cent in energy bills with a potential of saving around 40 per cent on maintenance costs and up to 30 per cent on operational costs.