Government of Vietnam to import coal amid domestic shortage

The Government of Vietnam will import approximately five million tonnes of coal from Australia to meet supply shortage in the domestic markets.

Imports are expected to commence in April 2022. The Ministry of Trade is also currently seeking for supply sources based in South Africa. Due to the coal shortage, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has declared that multiple coal-fired facilities in the northern and central regions will reduce production by 60-70 per cent. This includes the Hai Phong thermal plant that has shut down three out of four turbines. This is expected to cause a power shortage in the region. Approximately 3,700 MW of energy has been mobilised from other thermal and gas fired facilities as well as renewable sources. The agency is also seeking approval from the Government of Vietnam to develop wind capacity in the north to offset future supply shortages. Most winds plants in Vietnam are currently located in the country’s central and southern regions. In February 2022, coal-fired energy accounted for around 43.6 per cent of Vietnam’s total electricity supply.



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