Centre allows tolling facilityup to 25 per centof linkage coal

The centralgovernment has allowed tollingfacilityof up to 25 per cent of linkage coal and suggested power generation companies to import coal for blending up to 10 per cent.

The tolling facility will be allowed up to 25 per cent of linkage coalin order to avoid long-distance coal transport for certain state power generation companies. This will enable states to optimally utilise their linkage coal in the plants nearer to the mines as it would be easier to transmit electricity instead of coal transport to far-off states. In view the rapidly increasing demand for power, it has been recommended that all gencos should endeavor to import coal for blending upto ten percent. State wise and genco wise targets have also been fixed and it was urged to ensure delivery of coal for blending purpose before onset of monsoon as domestic coal supply gets affected during rainy season.


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