MoPinvites EOI for setting up manufacturing zone on pilot basis for power and RE sector

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has sought an expression of interest (EOI) for setting up a manufacturing zone on a pilot basis for power and renewable energy sector. The MoP had earlier conveyed a budgetary outlay of Rs 4 billion for this scheme over a period of five years.

This is central sector scheme and the duration of the scheme is from FY 2022-23 to FY 2026-27. The last date for submission of EoIis June 8, 2022.EoI process authority has adopted a single-stage EoI process for the selection of the successful proposer. Each proposer is required to submit a single proposal.According to the EoI, the area offered by the proposer for setting up manufacturing zone should not be less than 150 acres. Moreover, the grant-in-aidwill be released by the central government in four installments – three of 30 per cent each and the last of 10 per cent.



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