NVVE, Toyota Tsusho, and Chubu receives Japanese TSO approval for ancillary services

Nuvve Holding Corporation (NVVE)—a global cleantech company, Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Toyota Tsusho)—the trading arm of the Toyota Group, and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Company (Chubu)—a high-tech demand response company in Japan, have announced that they have received approval from the Japanese transmission system operator (TSO) to participate in the energy market to provide ancillary power and stabilising services to the grid.

Nuvve has recently completed a series of tests with Chubu in Japan, successfully demonstrating the viability of their joint solution to serve as a power source and absorb demand fluctuations. Under this, Nuvve’sGIVe™ (Grid Integrated Vehicle) platform was used with large, industrial stationary storage batteries from NGK Insulators Limited ranging from 14 MWh up to 17 MWh, to demonstrate participation in the ancillary market in Japan. The demonstration was successful and satisfied all the requirements for participation in the market. The recent demonstration used OpenADR 2.0b (Open Automated Demand Response) interface to communicate between Nuvve’s platform and Chubu over the internet. OpenADR 2.0b is the communication standard used by all ten electric utilities in Japan, positioning Toyota Tsusho and Nuvve to expand its offering in the future. Toyota Tsusho and Nuvve previously teamed up on the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) project to demonstrate that vehicle-to-grid (V2G) can support the stable delivery of safe and inexpensive power to the grid. That project proved Nuvve’s system can successfully control small batteries like those in electric vehicles (EVs). With the TSO qualification, Nuvve and Toyota Tsusho recently signed a commercial agreement with Chubu to participate in the local energy market. This means the companies can now discharge energy from stationary batteries, and bid to provide flexibility and demand response services and earn revenue in return.