NTPC invites bids from electrolyser technology providers for green hydrogen projects

NTPC Renewable Energy (NTPC REL) has invited bids to select electrolyser technology providers for participation in its upcoming green hydrogen tenders.

The tender intends to select electrolyser technology providerfor a period of two years for 600 MW polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM)-based projects or 600 MWnon-PEM-basedprojects. The scope of work includes design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, packing and forwarding, trial operation, and performance testof electrolysers-based hydrogen generation plant. As per the tender guidelines, bidder must be a manufacturer of bipolar type water electrolyser plant having a manufacturing capacity (owned or leased) in any part of the world for producing PEM technology/other bipolar type water electrolyser plant and having at least a total annual production capacity of 50 MW electrolyser plants at the time of techno-commercial bid submission date. Alternatively, channel partners of the qualified bipolar type of water electrolyzer manufacturer for hydrogen generation systems are also eligible for participation under the tender.