Citicore renews five power supply agreements in the Philippines

Citicore Energy Solutions Incorporated (CESI) has renewed five of its power supply contracts in the Philippines, which were all due to expire during 2022

This includes a two-year extension of its contract with Bench Tower, Citystate Condominium, Eastfield, Succeed Ventures Asia, and Prince Alumer Development Corporation. The five contracts have a total supply capacity of 5.1 MW. The contracts were renewed according to the Government of the Philippines’ Retail Competition and Open Access (RCOA) initiative, which allows eligible customers to directly negotiate pricing and volume with selected retail electricity suppliers(RES), if they are within the prescribed threshold of 500 kW. CESI has also secured a new power supply contract with Clear Water Ice Plant in Cebu which will source its energy from Citicore’s solar farm in Toledo City.


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