Tata Power partners with Hyundai Motor India to power-up EV-charging infrastructure in India

Tata Power has partnered with Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) to build a robust electric vehicle (EV) charging network and accelerate the adoption of EVs across India.

Under the partnership, Tata Power will install Tata Power EZ Charge fast chargers (DC 60 kW) at HMIL’s existing 34 EV dealer locations across 29 cities along with supply, installation, and commissioning of home charging for HMIL’s EV customers. The association will make Tata Power and HMIL key contributors to the expansion of charging infrastructure. Currently, all 34 HMIL dealer locations are equipped with AC 7.2 kW chargers. This new partnership will be of tremendous benefit to customers as the vehicle charging time of a DC 60 kW charger is much lesser than AC 7.2 kW charger. Under the collaboration, the charging stations at HMIL dealerships will be open for all EV customers. Additionally, end-to-end charging solutions at the home of HMIL’s EV owners will be offered by Tata Power for their convenience.


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