Tamil Nadu electricity tariff to go up from September 2022

The Tamil Nadu government has proposed a tariff hike for all consumers by 12 per cent to 52 per cent from September 2022.

As per the revised tariff, those who paid Rs 170 for 200 units for two months will have to pay Rs 55 more. Those who consume up to 300 units will have to pay Rs 145 more bimonthly, and those who use up to 400 units will have to pay Rs 300 more. Meanwhile, those who paid Rs 4,420 for 900 units will now have to pay Rs 5,550. The biggest hike is for the 500 units slab, where the tariff has shot up from Rs 1,130 to Rs 1,725. However, the state government has decided to withdraw the fixed charges of Rs 20 to 50 for domestic connections. The first 100 units will continue to be free for all domestic consumers.