CII-IQ certifies ABB India as a “Responsible Export Organization”

The Confederation of Indian Industry – Institute of Quality (CII-IQ) awarded the “Responsible Export Organization” co­m­­pliance certificate to ABB India’s Electrification Dis­tri­bution Solu­tions (ELDS) business in April 2022. The certification en­com­passes all business operations related to design, manu­fa­c­ture, marketing, retrofitting and services for switch­gear products as well as medium voltage and low voltage switch­gear solutions, re­lays and other automation solutions. This certification app­lies to ABB India’s ELDS plants in Nashik and Vadodara. ABB India’s Distribution Solutions division successfully qualified in CII-IQ’s screening and assessment processes through scientific checks across levels and parameter aspe­cts, including leadership and governa­nce, supply chain development and alignment, as­set/resource management, and other performance metrices.