Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2022 introduced in Lok Sabha, referred to Standing Committee

The Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2022 has been introduced in the Lok Sabha. The bill provides to put in place enabling provisions to facilitate non-discriminatory open access to the distribution network of a distribution licensee.

It seeks to streamline the concurrence of the hydro generating station by the authority to facilitate development of the hydro sector in the country. Further, it seeks to facilitate the use of distribution networks by all licensees under provisions of non-discriminatory open access with the objective of enabling competition, enhancing efficiency of distribution licensees for improving services to consumers and ensuring sustainability of the power sector. It aims to strengthen the functioning of the National Load Despatch Centre for ensuring the safety and security of the grid and for the economic and efficient operation of the power system in the country. It seeks to insert a new section to enable management of power purchase and cross-subsidy in case of multiple distribution licensees in the same area of supply. In addition, it seeks to amend section 62 of the Act so as to make provision regarding graded revision in tariff over a year and for mandatory fixing of maximum ceiling as well as minimum tariff by the appropriate commission, among other provisions.

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