Tanzania–Zambia interconnection work to commence in 2023

Construction work on Tanzania–Zambia Transmission Interconnection Project (TAZA) is expected to begin from January 2023 and be completed by January 2025.

TAZA is part of the larger Zambia–Tanzania–Kenya (ZTK) project, which aims to link the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) with the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP). ZTK is divided into two sections, namely, the TAZA and the Kenya–Tanzania Power Interconnector Project (KTPIP). Overall, the ZTK project will involve the construction of 2,302 km of 400 kV double-circuit lines and 373 km of 330 kV single-circuit lines at an estimated cost of USD1.4 billion. TAZA entails the construction of the 298- km-long, 330 kV Kabwe–Pensulo line; the 200- km, 330 kV Pensulo–Mpika line; the 200-km, 330 kV Mpika–Kasama line; the 212-km, 330 kV Kasama–Nandoke line; and the 616-km, 400 kV Iringa-Kisada-Mbeya-Tunduma-Sumbawanga (IKMTS) double-circuit overhead transmission line (OHTL) and associated substation works at IKMTS. The overall project is divided into eight parts, which include four for transmitting electricity and the rest for constructing power cooling stations. This TZS1.4 trillion TAZA project is being jointly funded by the World Bank, French Development Agency (AFD), Government of Tanzania, and the European Commission (EC). Tanzania will be able to connect to the EAPP through Kenya and the SAPP through Zambia, allowing it to serve as a hub for the trading of energy between EAPP and SAPP participants.