Jindal Stainless to set up green hydrogen plant

Jindal Stainless Limited (JSL) has partnered with Hygenco India Private Limited to set up a green hydrogen plant.

The green hydrogen plant will catalyse JSL’s transition from thermal to clean energy in the Indian manufacturing space. This plant will enable JSL to reduce its carbon emissions by nearly 2,700 million tonnes per annum. With this development, it is set to become the first stainless steel company in  India to install a green hydrogen plant. Notably, JSL has reduced carbon emissions by 3,100 metric tonnes during 2021-22, and initiated a switch from a thermal energy-intensive manufacturing setup to renewable energy alternatives such as solar and wind power. Hygenco will be responsible to build, own, and operate a multi-megawatt green hydrogen facility for 20 years under the terms of the agreement. The fully autonomous plant will be controlled by an advanced energy management and control system, which will monitor several parameters including hydrogen generation, renewable energy generation, and make autonomous real-time decisions to maximise efficiency. The technology enables the company to increase hydrogen yield and provide cost-effective hydrogen to end users.


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