Jurong Port, MHI and JERA to establish 100 per cent ammonia direct combustion power plant in Singapore

Jurong Port, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific (MHI-AP), and JERA, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly explore establishing a 100 per cent ammonia direct combustion power plant on Jurong Island, Singapore.

Under the MoU, a joint study will be conducted, where a 60MW gas turbine combined cycle plant fueled by 100 per cent ammonia is planned to be set up to produce carbon-neutral electricity, as well as stimulate ammonia demand to be ready for ammonia bunkering in future. The MoU builds upon an initial agreement between Jurong Port and MHI-AP signed in August 2021 for a pre-feasibility study on ammonia direct combustion technology for green power generation, which was concluded successfully in March 2022.


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