Andhra Pradesh government approves Rs 1.26 trillion investment proposals

The Andhra Pradesh State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) has approved various investment proposals worth Rs 1.26 trillion.

Of the total, Rs 810 billion would be invested on green energy projects that would generate 17,930 MW of power. Besides, two other solar power plants with a total capacity of 60 GW are also proposed. SIPB approved a proposal from Causis E-Mobility for an investment of Rs 3.86 billion on an electric bus-manufacturing unit at Kopparthy in YSR district.The SIPB also approved six green energy projects in YSR, Kurnool and Nandyal districts with an aggregate investment of Rs 810.43 billion. The green energy plants include hydro storage and pumped hydro storage with a total capacity of 17,930 MW which are expected to be completed in phases by December 2029.


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