Atommash completes a milestone of manufacturing the steam generator for Kudankulam NPP

Atommash has completed welding of the steam generator heads for Kudankulam nuclear power plant (NPP) unit no. 5.

The Kudankulam NPP is a nuclear power plant with VVER-1000 power units, located in Tamil Nadu. Preliminary, support components and 11,000 heat-exchange coils were completed inside the steam generator. Automatic welding of the heads is performed with heating at a temperature of 120 to 250 degrees during seven days. The welding of the two welds required 660 kg of wire and 935 kg of flux. Further, specialists will perform local heat treatment of welds and a full range of technical inspections, including hydraulic tests and eddy-current test of heat-exchange tubes. The steam generator is a heat exchange equipment, part of the reactor facility and belongs to the first safety class items. The equipment is about 14 meters long, over 4 meters in diameter, and weighs 350 tons. The equipment of one NPP unit includes four steam generators.


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